Monday, February 26, 2018

Pots Of Gold!

Hi everyone! I love crafting for holidays! It's a joy to make something and then an even bigger joy to give it to someone special! St. Patrick's Day is no exception and the 'St. Patricks Day' Simple Set from Simple Stories makes creating adorable gift bags a breeze!

I used 4 inch wide cellophane bags from Wilton and based my designs on that size. I picked out a few border dies for the toppers of the bags and cut the patterned paper to 5 inches long. The bag toppers will cover the top 1 1/2 inches of the bag so I cut the paper to 3 inches wide and folded them in half before cutting with the die.

I wanted to do a couple of double toppers with one being slightly larger than the other so I also cit some patterned paper to 2 1/2 inches. When these are folded in half, they will be a quarter inch smaller than the other topper. I used a score board to make all of the creases and folded all of the patterned pieces before cutting them with the die.

It's important to remember to place the border die on the open edges of the patterned paper. This way the fold stays at the top and does not get cut. Once you have all of your toppers cut and trimmed it's time for all of the fun embellishments! I used a variety of the stickers included with the collection along with some paper curls and fishtail flags from the pretty patterned papers. Most of the decorations were adhered to the topper but stickers work great on cellophane so I added some to the bottom of each bag .

I filled them with some paper grass and lots of gold and green coins. Just the thing to sweeten up the day for a lucky leprechaun! Below is a video of the entire process if you didn't get my directions above. Check out how cute these bags are!

Thanks for checking out my blog! Bee Happy!!

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