Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Creepy Printers Tray!

Hi all!  This is it- my last Halloween post of the month.  I have had such a great time with all of these Halloween projects and this final one is no exception.

I took a simple 7 Gypsies printers tray purchased at Archivers and turned it into a creepy, crawly holiday decoration! I used the always spooky 'Haunting Potions' stamp set from Raisin Boat along with their cardstock in Halloween colors.  Each section has a different and scary background featuring spiders, bats and skulls.  I popped the two bottom sections out for added dimension and put a Martha Stewart glitter web in the center.

A chilling bottle of poison and the sinister recipe book from where it was made.  Spiders roam in the background and one embossed one hangs from its web.

Spooky jars filled with peculiar concoctions!

The ever popular Toad Warts potion that cures all sorts of ills...or creates them....(mwah ha ha)

Hope you all have enjoyed my Halloween posts.  Here's to a fun-filled Halloween holiday to all!

The Raisin Boat supplies used for this project:

Thanks for checking out my blog!  Bee happy!

1 comment:

  1. This is soooo coool! I haven't made a tray like this yet, but wow, gonna have to try it now!! This turned out fantastic!!


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