Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2015 Retrospective!

Hi everyone!  We are coming to the end of another crafty year and, as my fellow crafters and bloggers  understand, a LOT of work and preparation goes into these little blog posts! I decided to take a trip back through the entire year and give myself a pat on the back for all of my hard work and for some really cute creations if I do say so myself! Enjoy my trip down 2015's memory lane and check out my favorite project for each month!

January 2015 - Songbird Birthday!

A birthday card that is bright and colorful with a mix of patterns! It's also NOT an A4 card and I like that!

February 2015- Note Card Goodies!

 A berry basket gift stuffed with a beautiful collection of note cards and sweets!

March 2015- Hipster Mini!

One of my favorite minis of all times! This one was made with paint sample cards and one of my favorite paper companies- Basic Grey!

April 2015- Softened Cards!

All of these bright designs were covered with vellum for a softer look! Such an easy but beautiful design transformation!

This adorable banner was inspired by my love of Mexico and it's handcrafted pottery!

June 2015- Filled With Joy!

Bright and colorful is my usual go-to but neutrals and soft colors can be gorgeous too!

July 2015- Lovely Succulents!

Two beautiful cards created with one stamp and two techniques! Both fabulous!

August 2015- Las Caletas Mini!

Another mini scrapbook filled with happy memories of a family trip to Mexico!

September 2015- Playing With Paint!

Have I said I LOVE color! This card combines my love of color and sparkle!

October 2015- Something Wicked Mini!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays to craft for and orange and black never get old in my book!

November 2015- Gratitude Basket!

Such a wonderful way to show your appreciation for the special people in your life!

December 2015- Felt Ornaments!

These little cuties may take some time to create but they're so stinking' adorable that the time (and the needle pricks) are worth it!

Thanks for joining me for my crafty trip through 2015! Please visit me next year to see what wonderful creations I come up with in the new year!

Thanks for checking out my blog! Bee Happy!!

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